5 top points of On-page SEO to keep in mind in 2020

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a qualitative process of increasing the web traffic of a website or a webpage by increasing its visibility on the web search engine for the users. With the increasing demand for SEO to improve the performance of your website in a structured-way, the on-page optimization is used by the web-developers. 

With on-page SEO the position of your website ranking can be improved by taking different steps directly within the website. In 2020, where there is rising competition in the market all you need is a good SEO company that can understand your business and its requirements and delivers effective on-page optimization to your website. 

Our professionals with solid analysis and plans help you to improve the search engine ranking while keeping in mind the following important elements which are an effective way to improve web traffic: 

1. AMP

An accelerated mobile page (AMP) is an open-source framework designed to improve the user experience on the mobile web. The website built with AMP loads faster on mobile and provides a better user experience on your website. While considering in terms of AMP SEO with faster loading on search engine result pages the websites will have fast label designation and thus AMP is considered as a ranking factor. 

2. Schema

Schema is the latest evolution in SEO. With the help of the schema, you can provide more detailed and informative results to the users. Schema markup code is used by the web developers on your website which improves your search engine ranking. 

The schema markup helps Google to understand the content of your website in a different way where the contents are indexed and returned to the search results with better information.

3. Bread crumbs

Are you ever lost while browsing on a website?

Breadcrumbs are nothing but links that helps the user to track his/her path from their currently viewing page to your website’s home page. Almost every good website consists of breadcrumbs which are not only navigational aids for the users viewing your website but also help Google to learn how your website is structured. 

You can use the affordable SEO services of Dignitech professionals to add breadcrumbs to your website and help the users get an easy-to-grasp way for navigating through your website. 

4. Page loading speed

Did you consider on your website that cursor with a loading sign can affect the growth of your business? Yes, it will!

When a website is designed optimizing the page speed is more often overlooked and that can put a huge impact on your organic search rank due to poor user experience. Page speed is considered to be a direct ranking factor with huge importance. 

With on-page optimization of our SEO services, we work on different factors which mainly include the website server, image compression, page filesize, and more. Thus with SEO services you not only get fast loading of your web pages but offer a unique experience to your users.

5. A landing page with dynamically created pages

A page that displays different messages to different users based on a unique key variable mostly location or keywords is known as dynamic page landing. The web developers optimize the dynamic landing page for organic search. The basic idea of dynamic landing pages is to change the content (headline or body) so that the page matches the user’s search query and because of this there is an increasing chance of conversation.

Our digital marketing and SEO techniques can provide an overall increase in the growth of your business by optimizing your site to increase web traffic and giving an elite online presence to your website.


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