6 Amazing SEO Trends Dominating Online Marketing in 2018

Posted On: August 1st, 2018 Posted By: manmohan singh

With the regular updates in Google algorithms the year 2018 in exciting as well as challenging for SEO geeks. As Google improving the search engine result quality day by day, it’s been really important to keep yourself updated as an SEO expert.

In this article we are focusing about the how you can keep yourself up in the online marketing sector with the important Google updates and what features are the key in 2018: –

1. Improvements in SERP Results

If you are thinking that if you get #1 ranking for your keyword and get the maximum traffic for your website, then you need to think again. There are many things change in year 2018 like local search results, google knowledge graph, featured snippets and so on, getting the more value and attention.

Now it’s not about top 10 results on to the first page,

Now, it’s all different story for SERP results,

2. Structured Data Plays a Whittle Role

It’s some kind of HTML formatting, indicating search engine to show some specific information about particular business and how to show those in SERP result pages. It’s not confirmed ever by Google that it’s a part of the ranking, it’s only enhance your user experience and they know about your business properly. It’s also increase your CTR (Click Through Rate) by 30%.

There are some kind of structure data formats, but most SEO experts going for schema.org.

3. Website Loading Speed is a Major Factor

We are in the era where internet speed is on to the peak and high, so website loading time is plays a key role in ranking, In the present scenario Google as well as user except that web page load in less than a three second.

So you need to firstly take the website speed test to know how fast is your website and if it’s not that fast, try to know the reason of the low speed and fix it ASAP.

4. Delivery of Audience Oriented Content

Content quality and uniqueness is not part of the course now, reason for that everyone familiar about that feature of Google to get success in SERP, now with the new trend Google wants the content which user want to hear about your provided services or business. Google are now focusing on how informative your content is and how it’s solving the problem of user with the uniqueness.

So keep your content audience oriented and that thing you will get from market research or know what your customer want to know about your business or services.

5. Voice Searches Are Increasingly High

According to the google 55% of teens and 40% of adults are going for voice searches daily in 2018, that means voice searches are increasing high rather than type searches. So it’s need a new keyword research for every business, reason for that voice searches are using common conversational sentences rather than tradition keyword lingo.

6. Mobile Searches Are Grown Big

With the high usage of small devices and the rise of voice searches, as per the report 50% of searches comes from the mobile or other small devices. So now it’s necessary that your website will be also indexing in the small devices with particular keyword.

Also need to analyse that your website is responsive and optimized for small devices at the time of web design and development. Try to test your website with the mobile friendly test of Google and if it’s not responsive, make it responsive at the earliest to get more traffic for your website.

Those are some facts and points we analyse which are taking your website ranking, traffic or searches on to the higher level, if you follow them properly in 2018.

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