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Infrastructure Management

At Dignitech Media works limited, our primary objective is to ensure that our clients’ businesses do not suffer any kind of systemic setback. We work hard to keep your systems ready at all times, eliminating any issues on the runtime, and help reduce the amount of downtime at any situation.

Some of the websites are built on specifications and features like

  • Bootstrap
  • Html5
  • Dot Net
  • Custom Php
  • Magento
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • WordPress

Whyshould you choose Dignitech?

We spend quality time to understand the requirements of our clients and we also ensure complete transparency in decision making too. Our team works 24×7 to provide you remote and in person support to all your technical queries and any other runtime issues that you may face. We assure prompt and timely response to every query that comes to us.

We understand the importance of having an optimal running server with the latest upgrade and we ensure that your servers are managed well every day. It is not easy managing servers, for it can consume considerable amount of time. As a business owner you can leave the management of servers, upgrading and fixing server issues to us and focus on the primary processes.

We offer server management at a highly competitive rate and we also offer a money back program for those clients who are not satisfied with our services. And let us assure you that we have never had to use the program till date. You can check out our client testimonials to understand the quality of our service.

What can we do for you?

A team of trained and certified professionals are always at your call on any day or night at any time. Be it a new server set up or a migration to a new server from an existing server or a simple upgrade to your server, we are fully equipped to handle every task. As part of our server management services and solutions, we offer you,

Optimization of servers

Deployment and migration of all kind of servers including Linux and Windows.

Tuning the performance

Replacement of servers

Setting up new users or removing/modifying the existing users.

Planning server capacity

Server installation and support for new and migration.

Log management and retention management.

With a team of highly skilled personnel who have a huge gamut of experience managing and fixing servers, we guarantee you superior service and an endless support system. Contact us today for any of your server related requirements!