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Mobile app development

With more and more consumers drifting towards the smart phone shopping, you cannot just do away with a website that is compatible on mobile platforms. If you truly wish to have your brand as the most sought over, then you need to start building an app for the mobile phones. For the best solutions on Mobile app development across multiple platforms, hire the professionals from Dignitech Media Works private limited.

What can Dignitech do?

When it comes to mobile phones, you are probably aware that not all phones work on the same OS. You have iOS for Apple users and Android for others and even Windows in some cases. You need an app that will work either on one platform or on all depending on your business needs.

iOS apps: Build creative and high performing apps designed to bedazzle the users of Apple products with engaging interfaces, gaming and other mobile solutions from the house of Dignitech Media Works.
Android apps: Reinforce the imprint of your brand image in your customer minds by capturing their hearts through innovative Android apps designed to deliver affordable business solutions.
Hybrid apps: Get an app that works across multiple platforms including Android and iOS and is a one solution that fits and reaches all your customers across the globe.
In general you will find that you can have a mobile app for Android or a mobile app for iOS or opt for a hybrid app that will work on all platforms. Whatever be the solution you choose, we can guarantee an excellent app at an affordable rate with Dignitech Media.

Benefits of hiring Dignitech

We are in an era where it is highly crucial to have a lesser time to market period and that is why we offer you solutions at a pace faster than any other. And not only are our solutions designed faster but they also fetch you faster results.Complete transparency in every processing stage with continuous improvement based on your feedback and insights. We offer daily reports on the status of the project, testing experience for your team and updates on regular basis to keep you completely clued in.Continuous and rigorous testing procedures to ensure that we deliver only the best quality outcome to all our clients.Delivery within the agreed timelines and within the budget that was promised to you and continuous support as per agreement.

What can we do for you at Dignitech Media Works?

Our out of the box and bespoke solutions cover but not limited to:


Objective C & Swift

XCode & Android Studio

Android Application Development

Android & iOS Application Development For Android Phones, Tablets, iPhones and iPads

GPS & Google Map Integrated Application Development

IOS Application Development

Android App Development

IOS App Development

Ionic App Development

Chat Based Social Networking Apps

E-Commerce and CRM Based Custom Application Development