Guide for Developing a Business Website for a Small Business

1. Analyse the Basic Purpose of Your Website

Your website is always a front face of your online business, so it’s been very clear with the information you are providing on that. Because it’s gives the information about your company and services. Clarify your business purpose firstly and make your website accordingly. Don’t make it difficult for the user or customer, make it easy to use and may customer easily found your services and terms.

Think about from the prospective of your user, what he exactly wants and which information is useful for those. Whatever your fundamental goal is, you need to make your website according to your user to get success in business.

2. Decide Your Domain Name Smartly

Domain name is always the key in the present business scenario because of the high competition of the market. So take your domain name which reflect your business or services just in one word. You need to be descriptive with your domain name that you can explain about your business in your domain name. Don’t confuse your user, just be simple and creative with your domain name. Once you found the creative domain name, just check availability with domain provider websites like Go Daddy and confirm your domain.

3. Choose a Web Host

Choosing a web host to manage your website on server is another import step to do. It’s totally based on your budget; you can get the shared host as well as lease-expensive option through internet search. Dedicating hosting cost you too much as a small business owner, so choose other option with proper analyzation first.

Before choosing a web host, you can go with some important steps to verify the host that how they react on your queries, how is the past reviews of that particular host, server location and reliability. Analysing all those facts you can take up the best host for your website.

4. Create Your Web Pages Smartly

A good website is always a full of relevant content and service pages according to the business need. To reach up to your customer or user you need to be very descriptive and clear with your service pages where user can easily relate with your niche services. Need to create maximum call-to-action buttons on website from where user can easily connect with you just at one click.

You need to properly mention about your business, staff, experiences and skills, it’s a most important part to do in the small business website. Your contact information should be easily accessible and viewable on your website and be clear what best solution you are providing in your field.

Also set up your payment system page properly if applicable on your website. Do your calculation properly about what amount you are taking; how much taxes people need to give it to you. Place your third party payment system properly with the proper instruction and make those easily visible to all.

5. Testing and Publishing of Your Website

Testing is the another important part of the web development process, through this you can check your website working fine with all the functionality you put up on that, running on all the browsers quite smoothly, images you are on to the website looks great, all the services mention clearly on to the related pages, URL structure is SEO friendly, web design is responsive or not, website loading speed is good or not.

After look on all those aspect, once you will get confirmation from your testing team you can do live your website for your users. As perfect website is the key for the quick business growth.

6. Market Your Website on Search Engines and Social Media

Online marketing is the key to success of every online business whether it’s small or big in the present business scenario. You have to market your business properly if you want to increase your audience reach in short period of time. Marketing is the online way to create new business opportunities, new clients or new customers.

Online marketing depends upon few factors like how well you do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Marketing) of your business website. So before hiring SEO company in India analyse all the things and then hire them for the services.

You can also take help of your social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to promote your business in your surroundings, use niche groups or communities to spread your business information or services to more people and create new business opportunities through social media marketing.

7. Maintenance of Website

In the fast and competitive business environment maintenance is the another important aspect of web development. You need to be updated about your business and know what are the latest trends run into the market and do changes accordingly time to time.

You also need to check all the functionality you put on to the website are working properly on the regular basis. If you have software related business, then you need to update it on regular basis otherwise it’s in the danger and being hacked easily.

Those are some useful points which you can follow when planning to build a business website as a small business owner.

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