The need of Accelerated Mobile Pages in our websites and its benefits

The mobile device searches have increased than that on desktops, isn’t it true?

With the technological advancements and ease of use, people are accessing Internet over mobile phones. This has led to a significant increase in the use of mobile website as compared to desktop version.

At one or the other point all of us have experienced the disappointing nature of mobile websites. They are very-very slow! Not only to a consumer but this is a complex issue for the stockbrokers, publishers, advertisers, enterprises, etc.

To come up with a solution a group of companies namely Google, WordPress, and Adobe launched AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). Where, AMP is an open-source framework that is specially designed to provide improved performance to the mobile web.

The websites designed with AMP framework have sped up the content delivery through stripped-down code used as AMP HTML. The page now load much faster than it use to with the basic HTML framework. The businesses with an AMP mobile website are now transitioning the user experience much better than the traditional mobile web with poor loading speed.

Why AMP is a better option?

It is found that an app missing the AMP buzz has put forward a less attractive content to the users. It has also helped the websites to become more mobile-friendly which is now quite important as Google has introduced its Mobile-first index. Moreover, AMP has potentially got the businesses to reach to the top of SERP because of the satisfied customers who are now interacting more conveniently with the website contents.

Considering the importance of AMP as an Web development company, Dignitech has provided their customers with:

  • Apps created with AMP-carousel that gives simple and fast image rotator. If you have multiple varieties and designs of your products like televisions or refrigerators than it is quite useful for your business.
  • Combining the APM-video or AMP-youtube in your apps helps the user to directly view the video/youtube.
  • Creating pages with valid AMP versions to outrank from their competitors is not still up with the Amp framework.
  • Delivering fast landing pages to your customers and making your business touch new opportunities.
  • Improving SEO and Google rankings
  • It helps in decreasing the load to your servers as AMP CDN responds to almost all search results.

Thus where mobile phones have become the primary devices for the people to go online there is an increasing demand for the apps to be improved with the components of AMP.

How does AMP work?

Are you still confused about using AMP for your website? Here you can know how AMP works and it’s three main categories that help in faster and better experience on the mobile web.


AMP HTML is primarily HTML but it comes with extended AMP properties and few restrictions for effective and reliable performance. The AMP HTML tags are almost similar to HTML tags but some of the HTML tags are changed for AMP version. For example, the img tag on HTML turns to amp-img tag on AMP-HTML.

  1. AMP JS

It is a library that gives a faster interpretation of AMP-HTML and has easy-to-apply components. With AMP JS you can create modified layouts, animations, dynamically load the content and much more. This library helps in implementing the best AMP practices.

  1. AMP CDN

This component of AMP is a proxy-based content delivery network which is also commonly known as AMP Cache. You can take its help to deliver all the valid AMP files and automatically improve the performance of your page.

Yes! AMP is the right choice for your mobile apps and especially for eCommerce websites that have heavily changing and dynamic content based on user requirements. Through web development, it has become easy to get a well-implemented AMP website and we ensure you to deliver proven results for your business.

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